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Year One - Looking Back at the First Year of Populus Music

As of this Monday, June 24th, Populus Music is one year old. This first year has flown by at an unprecedented rate. Over the last twelve months, so much has happened in our world, and its all thanks to all of you. Before we reflect back on the year, and look ahead to the next one, we just wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts, because none of this would be possible without you.

With that being said, let's go ahead and take a timeline look at the last twelve months, and then a quick peek into the future beyond.

June/July 2018

Populus Music begins. The idea is born in June of 2018 to begin an artist management company, and from there develops Populus. We quickly came to find our identity, including the colour branding as well as the general goals of the business; to bring a wide array of music to the listening world, music for the people.

In July, Populus signed its first artist: Bloom. Since then Bloom has gone on to be our currently most active artist, dropping an EP, two independent singles, and many videos over on his YouTube channel. Bloom is also working hard on a full-length album, which will be coming later this year.

September 2018

During this month, Populus helped to release the biggest project currently in our roster, Bloom's Amethyst EP. A five song preview of what the Bloom project will come to bring, it was a great experience working with Bloom in order to bring that project out to the world. Its leading single, Sellout, had a video made, and you can check that out here, as well as the behind the scenes video!

December 2018

The last month of 2018 led to our second member joining the family, Nathan Zinck. Nathan is a guitar wizard who blew people's minds with his performance at the Sonic Democracy concert earlier this month, particularly his rendition of For The Love of God by Steve Vai. You'll be able to catch his work coming your way along with his channel launch very soon.

January 2019

At the beginning of this year, we integrated our blog The Light Show into the Populus Music network. At the moment, the page primarily shares our favourite light rigs and designs, but you can expect more content on the way soon as we begin blogging about our love of lighting.

In this month, Bloom also released his epic and intense piece Dead End, which you can check out here if you haven't.

March 2019

March saw the launch of the Populus Music podcast On The Record, which has become a favourite of ours to produce. Every couple weeks since March, hosts Josh Warriner and Tristan Melanson have discussed music, life, and more, along with often bringing guests for the ride.

This month also saw the relaunch of our YouTube channel, which has been putting out a new video from a variety of series every two weeks ever since.

April 2019

April brought the introduction of the third and most recent member of the Populus Music family, Rylan Jeffrey. An R&B and blues inspired vocalist, guitarist, and pianist. Rylan very recently dropped his first single, and you can expect more coming your way soon.

June 2019

With June, we've made it to the present. This month saw the release of Rylan Jeffrey's debut single Last Summer, which is available on streaming platforms everywhere.

We also welcomed the official second member of the Populus Music company, Marketing Manager Brenna Larouche. We're very excited to have Brenna on the team, although she's been helping us behind the scenes since helping us film the Sellout music video back in August.

What Lies Ahead

Populus Music has plenty of exciting things in store for the second half of 2019. Firstly, we'll be going into more detail about an upcoming relocation that we'll be undergoing. Expect more details about that in the coming week or so.

Our first e-book, the Book of Business: Getting Started in the Modern Music Market will be coming your way most likely in November of this year. The book will discuss the music business, with a bit of auto-biographical details about our personal experiences in the business to supplement the information.

There's plenty of projects going on behind the scenes here, and unfortunately we can't reveal them all just yet. We hope you stay tuned to see what we're up to in the coming months, and we appreciate all the support we've seen so far. Here's to an amazing year two!

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