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Why You Should Listen to the Song "Unsaid Emily" from Julie and the Phantoms

A few months ago, I binged the first season of a Netflix show called Julie and the Phantoms, thinking it was just a lighthearted teen show with lots of musicals. It turned out to be one of the most heartfelt shows I've seen, with a sweet story and an incredible soundtrack.

Before I get into my favourite song, let me explain the story if you didn't know. The show follows a high school girl named Julie, who lost her passion for music after her mom died. She struggles to find her voice and encounters the three ghosts of a 90s band called Sunset Curve, who mysteriously died about 25 years ago. They befriend Julie, help her find her love for music, and eventually start a band called Julie and the Phantoms.

The show had many great moments, and even though I loved every scene with Julie and the three ghosts (especially Luke, played by Charlie Gillespie), nothing could beat "Unsaid Emily."

Even if you're not the person to cry for songs or emotional scenes, this song will definitely melt your heart and make you run up to your mom and hug her tightly.

This song has its own story; Luke, one of Sunset Curve members, left his home on bad terms when he was 17-years-old. His parents didn't want him to be in a rock band, so he left but couldn't make things right again since he died on the same night along with his other two bandmates. Pretty sad, I know.

In the first few episodes, we briefly learn about the title of the song, "Unsaid Emily," but later on, we find out Luke wrote the song in loving memory of his mother, Emily. We also see Luke singing the song in episode 8, which is Luke apologizing to his mom. The song shows flashbacks of Luke fighting with his mom and the heartbreaking moment where his parents find out about his death, which almost had me crying.

Who knew could a ghost boy could make me feel so much?

The song pierces through your heart in an instant, so don't be surprised if you end up sobbing within thirty seconds of listening.

If my words haven't yet convinced you to listen to the beautiful song, then I'll give you a glimpse of its lyrics.

If I could take us back, if I could just do that

And write in every empty space the words "I love you" in replace

Then maybe time would not erase me

If you could only know, I'd never let you go

And the words I most regret are the ones I never meant to leave

Unsaid Emily

These lyrics alone tug at my heartstrings and make me want to listen to the song repeatedly.

Each word is filled with heartbreak, regret, and emotion from a son to his mother. The importance and relevance of word choice in soundtracks is justified in the entire song of "Unsaid Emily," as they make our hearts swell with love and eyes watery with tears.

The lyrics allow us to connect with our mothers and make us think back on everything they've done for us. Whether or not we've intentionally or unintentionally hurt them, after listening to this song, we feel like apologizing for every misfit or tantrum, for every trouble we've caused.

But do we really need a beautiful, emotional song like "Unsaid Emily" to do that?

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