• Josh Warriner

"Why do I need an artist manager?"

The artist manager, band manager, talent manager, music manager, and so on, is a position of many names, and just as many roles. As an artist management company, we hope to explain to you just what an artist manager does, and why you might need one.

An artist manager's job is simple in summary: to manage the day to day operations of a musician's career. However, this has many facets, which change based on the artist, but may include: social media management, music distribution, coordinating with record labels, booking agents, or promoters, or in the case of smaller artists, perhaps performing all of these individuals' duties.

In the world of independent music, the manager is the artist's partner, their right-hand man/woman. They give the musician the ability to focus on creating their art, while managing the business side of things. For young artists in the world of social media, where frequent, high quality content is a must, an artist manager can alleviate much of the struggle to balance the art and the promotion.

How do you know when you're ready for a manager? Put as simply as twofold: when the work becomes too much, and you can afford it. When you begin to feel overworked by overseeing the writing/recording of music, marketing, managing your social media presence, planning future content, booking shows, making websites, contacting the media, coming up with merch, as well as perhaps worrying about a "day job" or education, it may be time to consider hiring a manager to handle many of those duties for you.

However, a manager doesn't come free. A manager's rates are entirely on a case by case basis, he or she may charge a flat monthly rate, a salary, or most commonly, a percentage of earnings. Ensure that you would be able to compensate a manager for his or her time before getting in touch.

Ultimately, a manager's role, and an artist's need for one, is a case by case situation. However, in the new music business, as today's online driven industry is often referred to as, the artist manager is more important than ever to help musician's deliver content quickly and in high quality, while still maintaining the entrepreneurial

P.S.: Why I Became A Manager

As discussed on our about page, I (Josh) became an artist manager through my high school in my 10th grade year. It grabbed hold of me immediately. I have a love for music unlike anything, an essential trait for the music business. However, I'm not a musician. So how, one wonders, they could be around music as much as possible while rarely picking up an instrument. The answer for me, was artist management. Thanks to the high school program I work with (more on this on our about page), I've developed a massive appreciation for and belief in young artists. Having worked with so many tremendously talented individuals at a high school age, I know the future of the music business is this generation, and such it is Populus Music's primary goal to work with young artists, and help to bring forth the new generation of the new music business.

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