• Yashvi Shah

The Power of Instrumental Music

According to Billboard, the #Hot100 top 10 songs include Blinding Lights by the Weekend, The Box by Roddy Ricch, Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa, and many others.

Notice the similarity between these songs. They're all lyrical.

Lyrics dominate popular music as most of today's songs are popular works of lyricism by the artist as much as they are of musical instrumentation.

It's agreeable that, for many of us, songs are incomplete without words, but that doesn't mean songs with only music are meaningless. Although words are a powerful form of putting out a message for others, music is more than what words can aim to convey.

Music at times can be purely all instruments to go with the melodies.

Let me ask you one thing: do you remember the last time you heard a song with just music and no lyrics?

Listening to lyrical music is great because we can easily share the meaning behind words than the feelings we get from instrumental music. However, although lyrics are concrete and we understand the same set of words in its existing order, we can't entirely say the same for music.

Individual interpretations might differ in terms of lyrical music, but the words don't change, which means lyrics aren't as dynamic than instrumental music.

When it comes the actual music, it's much deeper and multi-layered. From a bass riff, a piano note, a drum fill, or a strum of the guitar, music is a "dynamic living thing with a heartbeat that can change whenever we focus on different parts of it," according to Cody Cooke.

Cooke also talks about the speciality and affect about sounds that aren't lyrics. For example, hearing someone laugh can evoke a sharper emotion and response than simply hearing the word "laugh." The same goes with hearing someone cry in anguish instead of the word "anguish."

Overall, the true feeling and emotion evoked through instrumental music cannot be put into words, but this doesn't take away from the power it has on us because, as Cooke says, "the fact that it’s indescribable only adds to its ability to affect its listener on a personal level."

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