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Our First Year - Looking Back and Looking Forward

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

In June of this year, Populus Music was founded. As the year draws to a close we wanted to reflect on the past months, and look at what's coming next for 2019.

REFLECTION On Sunday, June 24th, Populus Music launched. Our first month was all about establishing the brand. The month following, we signed our first artist, Bloom. Since then, Bloom has released three singles, and one EP under the Populus network.

He recently shared his stats, but you can see below how Amethyst did on Spotify alone. Pretty well!

The last big news of 2018 came early this month with the signing of our second artist, Nathan Zinck. Having collaborated with us in the past, you've heard his guitar-wizardry before, and you're sure to hear from him again before the year is through!

THANK YOU Through the release of Amethyst, the launch of our website, and everything else, there have been a few other key people who have helped the development of Populus Music along the way. Firstly, our indispensable photographer and videographer, and consultant on the topics of life, the universe, and everything, Brenna Larouche. Without her, Populus Music and Bloom would not look nearly as professional as she makes possible. (If you haven't already, be sure to follow her at http://instagram.com/bwebba) Secondly, without direct involvement, my teacher and mentor Barry Promane. It is through his teachings and work with Sonic Democracy that Populus Music was at all possible. Without his work and his music room, I myself never would have found the career which I have made my own. Nowhere else have I learned such valuable lessons on life and the music business, and he has my deep gratitude.

Finally, our two artists, Bloom and Nathan, without whom Populus Music would not exist. (Make sure to follow them over at http://instagram.com/bloom.mus and http://instagram.com/nathanzinck_music respectively)

2019 So now the question must be asked, what's next? Well, we can't show our hand in its entirety, but we can promise you that 2019 will outshine all that we've done this year. We have many sizable projects in the works that we can share with you in the coming months, but they will all expand the horizon of Populus Music, physically and musically. More Bloom, more Nathan, more Populus. You'll hear more from Nathan before 2019, with a single coming your way very soon! For now, and until the new year, we'll see you on the flipside. - Josh & Populus Music

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