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Musical Content Creators - Eight YouTubers Music Lovers Should Follow

Video is the newest powerhouse of the Internet, following the launch of YouTube over fourteen years ago. It is one of the premiere ways that people learn online. For many burgeoning musicians (perhaps even yourself), YouTube is a place to learn their instrument. There have been many musician's channels which have risen to popularity over the last decade.

In case you missed our announcement on Saturday, we're relaunching our YouTube channel, with a whole host of new content you can learn more about this Wednesday. In honour of rejoining the site, we wanted to run down a few of our favourite musical YouTubers, and tell you why you should maybe check them out! We'll be covering these in alphabetical order, starting with:


One of the finest in the game of musical analysis. With nothing but a pen and some sheet music, 12tone discusses, particularly through music theory, what makes some classic songs so great. He also has stand alone theoretical videos in which he discusses various aspects of music theory. If those sorts of things are up your alley, we recommend checking him out! As for our favourite video, check out his analysis of the Imperial March from Star Wars.

Adam Neely

A bassist by trade, Adam Neely discusses, once again, primarily matters of music theory. Answering fan questions and analyzing trends of modern music, Adam makes music theory, in our opinion, easily understood. He also explores some more advanced topics, such as polyrhythms, and our personal favourite, his video in which he discusses the notion of negative time signatures.

Andrew Huang

Veering mostly away from music theory, we next have a YouTuber who focuses primarily on the field of music technology, as well as experimenting with unique ways of music making. Andrew Huang discusses a wide array of musical topics. Some of his experiments have included making music with LEGO instruments, making music without hearing it, and composing classic meme song Darude's Sandstorm using sounds from an actual sandstorm. As for a starting point, check out the aptly named "How to get started making music."

Lie Likes Music

Musical analyses continue here, as Lie of Lie Likes Music breaks down some key bands and albums from the history of music. Lie discusses the history behind these acts and albums, and discusses why they were significant. His analyses provide great understanding of the topics at hand, staying true to his video name scheme. I recommend checking out his video on understanding the many characters of David Bowie.


Polyphonic produces what are perhaps some of the most interesting musical analyses on the Internet, discussing highly specific topics and analyzing them in a highly comprehensive way. Polyphonic is a YouTuber whom we have been following since the upload of his first video, and have enjoyed every video since. As a callback to last week's blog post, check out his analysis of the great Carol Kaye.

Rick Beato

A recent find of ours, Rick Beato is a music theory expert, who discusses various aspects of theory, using the guitar as the model. He also discusses different guitarists and their methods of playing, as well as analyzing some great songs on what makes them so great. As an interesting starting point, we recommend checking out what is (at the time of writing), Rick's newest video, analyzing the sound of guitarist Guthrie Govan.

Rob Scallon

A man of many instruments, the most normal of which being guitar, Rob Scallon performs typically rock and metal using interesting instruments, tunings, or challenges. Like Andrew, Rob takes on a lot of interesting musical challenges, like recording with 100 year old equipment, playing Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls on various tuned bells, and more. He has discussed some fascinating instruments (which we'll be discussing some of soon in an upcoming blog post), such as the sitar, the theremin, and our recommended video, the intriguing hurdy gurdy, a medieval wheel instrument.

Sarah Longfield

Sarah Longfield is an exceptional guitarist and vocalist who performs covers and original music. Based in the virtuoso school of guitar, Sarah has some phenomenal work, which we highly recommend you check out. For something more light-hearted, we recommend you check out a video she did in partnership with Adam Neely, where they play the infamous Lick (an infamous jazz motif, see examples here) on as many instruments as they can kind.


There you have a quick rundown of eight of our favourite music YouTubers! Have we missed any of your favourites? Be sure to let us know on social media who they are so we have more to watch! Also be sure to stay tuned for the relaunch of our own YouTube channel this Wednesday at 7 PM!

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