• Josh Warriner

Elder - A Bloom Story

I. Journey

The winds of the wavering mountains drug sand across the feet of the likeness. The honoured cinctures swayed, draped carefully across the likeness’ form.

The journey to reach it is sacred. One must look upon one of the Elders before being granted adulthood. All must travel to one of their forms, and look upon it, ponder it. It has been so for generations, as the Elders have been looked to for guidance, and understanding. One must always know from where they came.

With heavy cloth wrapped around his form, he climbed. The winds pushing his feet as he walked carefully.

He lit the way as darkness fell overhead.

The journey was not without danger, the winding paths to the peak narrow and ancient. The danger more so as he climbed onward as night fell. He knew of several who never returned. But the passage to adulthood was sacred, and he chose the most ancient of the Elders to look upon.

The round lenses protected his eyes from the blowing sands as the winds picked up evermore.


II. The Likeness

He felt changed upon his first step atop the peak of the mountain. The air was thin, and warmer than it seemed it should be. This was a site countless had walked, yet it fell silent. No sound permeated the air but the winds, lifting the sands around him. He kept his head down, avoiding the likeness’ all-seeing gaze.

It wasn’t before he was right before it that he lifted his eyes, looked upon it.

It stood tall, arms outstretched. It's carved visage looked ahead, proud and ancient. The cinctures swayed, but kept firmly in place across the Elders form.

He understood the necessity of this encounter. He walked forward, the winds pushing against him, causing the cloth around him to lift and contort. He pressed his hand against its calf, his height reaching just above its knee.

His mind felt penetrated, and awake. He saw colours and images unimaginable to his mind. He felt words, without source, begin to ring out within his head.


III. The Message

“This message is left not in vanity, but in inspiration. We ask not that you will worship our likeness, but that you may find motivation in what we hope you become. We hope you seek others like you, to learn all you may.

There are others like you, in places unknown, that came from us.

We have died.

We leave behind our ash, our seed.

We leave behind you.

Our future.”

He knew then what he must do.

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