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Choose Life: An Interview with Mile End of Brampton ON

Quarantine has been a wonderful time for music discovery, and if that is what you’ve been doing, look no further. Recently we got a chance to interview Brampton band Mile End about their life, their musicianship, and their latest single. The band is known for their high energy, intimate live performances and is currently working on their debut EP which will be releasing next year. Mile End is a four man group: Jake Thompson (frontman/guitar), Alex Orenczuk (vocals/guitars), Brandon Follett (bass) and Patrick Linardic (drums). In their own words, Mile End is for "Anyone, Mile End is for everyone, no one should feel like they have to be something to like us, if you like the music, you like the music and everyone is accepted and is welcomed to listen to our music and to come to our shows. Unless you’re someone who wants to bring down others, they're not welcomed." Thank you to Mile End for taking the time to talk with us! 1. We wanted to start off at the beginning, how did Mile End start out? (How did you guys meet, play your first shows, etc.) MILE END: Mile End started out with our Drummer (Patrick Linardic), he was childhood friends with Alex (guitar/vocals) and asked him to start a band, He knew Brandon (bass) from high school, for about a year they went through different guys trying to find a frontman, Jake (frontman/guitar) joined the band by meeting Patrick through a mutual friend at work. Jake was also looking for a band at the time and had gone through multiple bands and joined them in early 2018. After Jake had joined they had a solidified line up and began to take the band more seriously. They played their first show that summer alongside Dear-God (Dear-God at the time were under their previous name, Crackbaby), The show was meant to be in Alex's backyard, but unfortunately, when the doors opened it began to rain, they relocated their show to his basement. The setting of their first show set up their reputation for what was to come more from Mile End and the Brampton scene, gross, dingy, DIY shows. 2. What is the songwriting process like for you guys? ME: Our writing process so far has always begun with the instrumental, One of us comes to band practice with a small idea, we collaborate with the idea, working things out just trying to make something cool and something we've never heard of before. 3. What do you miss most about the live performances you used to do in all sorts of unique venues? ME: There's a lot we miss, obviously, the performance, mosh pits, having an event to see all the homies in one place, but some other stuff we miss is all the prep for DIY shows. Typically we have three spots we do DIY shows in Brampton, our homies garage, the same homies basement, and worst-case scenario we book a room at some rec center or church basement. The prep is always fun, the DIY shows line up tends to be with our close friends so it's a few days of all of us planning the shows together. 4. How has the work been going on your upcoming EP? ME: The EP has gone pretty well, we have everything recorded and mixed and mastered. Shout out to Dear-God for recording and mixing it for us. Right now we are trying to work photoshoots for the artwork and shoot music videos for the tracks, Unfortunately, the recent spike in covid has slowed down this process. 5. What would you say is the message you want people to take away from "Choose Life"? ME: The song is about someone you lost and being frustrated at seeing them throw their life away, there's only so much you can do to help someone, eventually, you have to begin to worry about yourself. Just don’t waste your time and don’t be an idiot. 6. If you had one message you wanted to spread to the music scene in Brampton and the GTA as a whole, what do you think it would be? ME: If you’re not in a band, support your local bands! Go to their shows, buy their merch, stream their music, do anything to support, local bands will love you forever. Now If you’re in a band, Support each other, be kind to each other, we can’t grow collectively if we try to pull each other down or if you’re acting like a creep or idiot. Shows are places where people can escape their fucked lives or homes, make your show a space where everyone can feel comfortable and welcome. Just don’t be an idiot.

Choose Life is a hardcore / alternative punk song with echo-y, sparse instrumentals. As the band explained, the lyrics deal with loss and seeing someone throw their life away. The performances from the whole band bring an energy and passion to the message that helps emphasize the importance of what the band is trying to say. You can listen to the track on all streaming platforms, or check them out on social media at: instagram.com/mileendband Thank you again to Mile End for the interview and for the opportunity to showcase local musicians! It was truly an honour.

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