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A Musician's Roadmap - A Guide to Planning Your Career in the Music Business

The path to a musician's career can be foggy and difficult to navigate. You may have considered making a career out of your art before, but have struggled to find the right path to do so. This is true not only for music, but for any creative career, such as an author, artist, or director. The path which leads to a sustainable lifestyle by simply creating the work you wish to create may seem impossible.

While finding the path to this sustainable career is daunting, it isn't impossible. We've put together as universal of a step-by-step guide as we can to help you navigate your way to a successful career!

1. Set your goals

What does success mean to you? Before you set on the path to a career in your field of passion, you must determine what your goals are. Set a series of chronological goals for yourself. Where do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten years? Write these down to get a mental map of what you wish to accomplish.

Make sure to be realistic. Be ambitious in your goals, but not overly so. It may not be feasible for your one year goal to be becoming a millionaire!

Make your goals as detailed as possible, this will help you find the definition of what you are seeking from a musician's (or other creative's) career. If your five year goal is to go on a national tour, detail where you would want to go. If your one year goal is to make a stable income from music, detail how you plan to do that. Incremental steps are key to setting attainable goals.

2. Fill in the blanks

What are the steps between the goals you detailed? Based on your one year goal, what would be your six month goal? Your one month goal? The more detail you can determine from your goals, the better equipped you will be.

By this point in the process, you could possibly put together a timeline of your plans going forward with your career. You know precisely what you wish to achieve, and know the basic steps you need to take to get there. The next goal is to determine what you need.

If your five year goal is to release a full-length studio album, there’s many logistics which go into such a process. Will you be releasing this album independently? Will you need a manager? Will you need to hire musicians? Determining these logistics as early as possible is absolutely the key to success.

3. Start doing

An inactive plan is worth nothing. After you make your roadmap, start working towards its content the best you can. Start networking with musicians for your album, start garnering a rapport with the owners of the club you want to eventually sell out. These seemingly small steps add up to what is ultimately you achieving the goals you set out for your career. This incremental approach can make a seemingly impossible task much less daunting, and more exciting when it comes to reaching landmarks in your career.

The sooner you jump on your goals, the sooner you will be able to check off the first part of your plan. Before you know it, you will have cascaded into checking off that five or ten year goal, but it all starts today.

What does your roadmap look like?

Let us know on social media what the first step on your roadmap is. Sharing your goal can help motivate you to reach it!

Stay tuned next week for some exciting news, as well as a special blog post next weekend!

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