About Lightshow

I began designing lighting in my first year of high school for the band Sonic Democracy, a hybrid high school program / recording and cover band. Through them I've come to know very well the excitement and near-aversions of disaster that is stage lighting, and have developed a love for it. I've continued as lighting director (occasionally under the title of Lightshow) for the band for the last four years, with my time coming to a close following the band's June 2019 shows.

Check out the Shows page for a few examples of my work.

The Light Show

The Light Show began as an outlet for my love of illustrious lighting. It has since grown, maintaining that original goal, in collaboration with Populus Music as a blog dedicated to sharing lighting, and other technical marvels in the realm of live music. On Instagram and Twitter the goal continues of sharing the best lighting can offer, and here the goal is that, while additionally sharing written content on the same subject.

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